Thursday, April 10, 2014

Umm, If You Want To Improve Your Life, Get Some Education

A bunch of union/Democrat thugs are on strike at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.
Of course, they want more money, but the reasoning thes union thugs use is ight out of the Obama/Democrat playbook.
Fromt he Baltimore Sun: As striking service workers rallied Wednesday on Orleans Street in front of John Hopkins Hospital, a hospital official said that the East Baltimore medical institution can't raise wages too much without eliminating other jobs.
"A key concern is making sure we can offer competitive wages and be fair to all of our employees while we continue to preserve jobs," said Bonnie Windsor, the hospital's vice president of human resources. "You can only give so much if you want to preserve jobs. There is a finite amount of money."
The hospital's first public comments about the contract dispute came the same day that the workers, members of labor union 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, began a three-day strike....
Tyrenka Dorsey said she doesn't make enough money as a housekeeper to cover all of her living expenses. The 22-year-old, who makes $11.19 an hour, tries to make ends meet by paying a part of her utility or telephone bill and trying to cover the rest the next month. But she is always behind on something.
On Wednesday, she hoisted a protest sign and joined hundreds of other Hopkins workers to rally for a fair wage....
"Nobody wanted to go on strike, but we had to do this to get what we need," Dorsey said. "I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I'm tired of struggling."
The union has been pushing for a $15 minimum wage for workers with at least 15 years of experience in the first year of a proposed four-year contract, with every Hopkins worker earning at least $14 an hour by the end of the four-year contract. Workers now make between $10.71 to $27.88 per hour, depending on their job.
Members of the union's bargaining committee said Hopkins offered them a five-year contract with annual raises no higher than 2 percent and a minimum wage of $12.25.
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Hey, Dorsey.  You are 22 years old and you are a janitor.  You mop floors and pick up garbage.  You're lucky to make $11.19 an hour plus benefits, which I am pretty sure are quite generous.
You have no education to improve your lot in life.  You don't deserve a raise just because you are too stupid enough not to work at a higher skilled job.  And there is no excuse for that since you work at a college.
And then there was this comment in the comment section by
Workersgovernment: The workers at Hopkins provide the services that keep the place running efficiently and deserve more than the wage slave minimums the rich board of directors want to give them. The rich of this country want more and more with profits at the highest they have been since 1929 and wages lower, on a cost of living index, than they have been in 65 years. Victory to the 1199 workers at Hopkins. They deserve what ever they ask for and MORE!Slave wages?  If i am not mistaken, slaves were not given a wage and certainly not $11+ an hour wage.
But idiots like Dorsey and Workersgovernment are Obama/Democrat supporters and this is what we have to deal with: Uneducated and sheep like idiots led by Obama and his ilk.  All they want is more, more and more even though they are stupid, stupid, unqualified and stupid.
These people are voters and it is a shame because they are stupid, lack independence, lack education, have no clue about economics and they are led around by Democrats and their supporters by their dog collars and leashes and repeat the same old lies and socialist/communist lines. 
And they are as  narcissistic as Obama as they believe the world revolves around them and that they are owed things in life that they had not worked for.
Too bad Hopkins won't fire these uneducated union thugs and get someone who really wants to work for the hospital.

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