Saturday, October 4, 2014

Buh Bye Matt Ward

Ding Dong, the Pahrump Valley Times editor is gong, which old editor, the wicked old editor.
Yep, Matt Ward of the PVT is gone.
From the PVT:
Arnold M. Knightly has been named editor of the Pahrump Valley Times, the area’s largest newspaper and the paper of record for Nye County.
Knightly will be the seventh editor since the paper was founded in 1970.
No mention of what happened to the left wing nut/crazy, Matt Ward, other than the speculation on the comment section was that he was fired.
Gee, I wonder why?
Maybe because he editorialized the news, was a very hateful person when it came to writing editorials (which haven't run in months) and for demonizing his enemies.
Good bye, Matt "Jerry Sandusky" Ward.  You made things interesting but you are no journalist.
As an aside, I predicted this would happen in January (#57):
And it's been a good week for my predictions: I correctly predicted Eric Holder's resignation and the number of wins by the Milwaukee Brewers.

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