Saturday, October 4, 2014

Warning: Don't Use A Debit/Credit Card At Red Lobster

Yesterday, I wrote a glowing post about my experience at Red Lobster, which is located at Sunset and Marks in Henderson, NV.
We received great service and the food was quite good and we left satisfied....
Until this morning when we read our bank statement and noticed we were double charged by Red Lobster.
When I looked at the statement, we had 2 charges pending- both the same amount.
Last time we had the problem with this Red Lobster, the restaurant blamed the cashier for running the car twice because of the tip we gave with the debit card.
Except, this time, we left a cash tip, so the card should not have been run twice.
So, why did we get charged twice?
When we called the store, they said they only charged us 1 time and the issue was with the bank.
But we have had only had this kind of double billing trouble with Red Lobster and this particular store.
Living in the Las Vegas area for 8 years and a few months in Arizona but travel to Vegas weekly, we have shopped at many stores and ate at many restaurants, both fast food up to kind of higher level restaurants, and we never had this kind of problem except at Red Lobster.
So, if you go to Red Lobster, I would highly suggest you use cash instead of a debit or credit card.

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