Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Media At It's Worse

Why would all but media outlet not cover this horrible crime?
From the LVRJ:
An accused Las Vegas pimp charged with beating a prostitute for months until her injuries required an amputation and skin grafts will not have his bail lowered, a judge ruled Wednesday.
North Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Natalie Tyrrell said Robert Sharpe III’s bail will remain at $1 million. If convicted, Sharpe could face life in prison for what authorities called one of the worst examples of a pimp’s violence in local history.
Sharpe, 28, was arrested by Las Vegas police last week after a months-long investigation that began in June, when a young woman wandered into University Medical Center with broken bones, bruises and infected wounds all over her body.
Clark County prosecutor Marc Schifalacqua held up photocopies of the woman’s wounds in court, offering to show the evidence to Tyrrell before she made her ruling about bail.
Tyrrell declined Schifalacqua’s invitation to view the photos.
The woman was reluctant to tell her story to police but eventually described a harrowing tale of abuse at the hands of Sharpe, who she said convinced her to become his prostitute after meeting her at a bus stop in March.
She described being beaten with a metal pole, burned with an iron and waterboarding at the hands of Sharpe during her four-month stay at his North Las Vegas home at 2502 Spanish Fork Ave.
The woman broke a finger while defending herself, she said. The finger wasn’t treated and became infected with gangrene. Doctors amputated it a few months later.
The woman told police Sharpe refused to let her leave, and she only escaped after Sharpe tried to sell her to another pimp. But the woman was nearly dead, so Sharpe left her at the Wendy’s restaurant across from from the hospital, she said. He told her to lie about her injuries, she told police....
On Sunday Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith said prostitutes are often ignored victims in Las Vegas, whereas animal lovers often pack the courtroom when a dog is abused.
On Wednesday the Review-Journal was the only news outlet present for Sharpe’s hearing. Almost every outlet, however, attended the hearing of Gloria Lee, the woman accused of trying to set fire to her puppy boutique in January
So, puppies who were almost made hot dogs but not really that close is big news in Vegas but a woman who is almost killed by a pimp in Vegas is not newsworthy.
Maybe the other media outlets are trying to hide the fact there are a lot of pimps and prostitutes and the women in Vegas are routinely beaten and/or killed and don't want to portray Vegas in a negative light, unless they have to.

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