Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More muslim Crybabies

From A veteran arson investigator with the Houston Fire Department apparently violated the municipal social media policy by posting "hate speech" directed at Muslims on his personal Facebook page, the city's top lawyer said.
Bryon Miller, 45, an employee since 1990 and an arson investigator since 2002, has been placed on paid desk duty pending completion of an internal affairs investigation. He is the second fire department employee accused of violating the city's 2011 social media policy since June.
Miller allegedly posted obscene references to Islam and Muslims against a backdrop of an American flag, and claimed that he was a "proud infidel."
And so, do the muslims who protested the firefighter's post complain about the beheadings?
Ruth Nasrullah, communications coordinator for the Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the posting apparently occurred in the wake of early September's ISIS beheading of American-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff.
Houston CAIR Executive Director Mustafaa Carroll said his organization is "disgusted" by the post and called on Fire Chief Terry Garrison to order diversity training for Miller and, possibly, for the entire 4,000-person department. Carroll also called on Miller to make a public apology to Muslims, and for the city to revise its social media policy to specifically ban profanity, racial, religious, ethnic and gender-based slurs and hate-filled messages.
"Violations of this policy should also be subject to further disciplinary action not to exclude probation, suspension and termination," Carroll said.
Once again, CAIR shows itself to be a terrorist organization, that doesn't care about the Muslims who have been killed by muslim terrorist organizations, like ISIS.

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