Thursday, October 2, 2014

Obama= Idiot, Moron, Knucklehead, Hypocrite

When the dictionary is opened up to the page that has the word "idiot" in it, President Obama's ugly mug will be shown prominently. 
From the Chicago Tribune: In a day of contradictory messaging, President Barack Obama on Thursday assailed income inequality and the stagnant earnings of the middle class after appearing at a $50,000-a-person Gold Coast fundraiser for Gov. Pat Quinn.
Obama, who returned to Washington after arriving in his hometown the night before, spoke to 25 people behind closed doors at the home of Meredith Bluhm-Wolf, the daughter of casino owner, developer and long-time Democratic donor Neil Bluhm.
The one-hour event raised an estimated $1.25 million for the Quinn campaign, before expenses, to help the Democratic governor take on Republican rival Bruce Rauner, a wealthy equity investor making his first bid for public office. Fundraising in the contest has exceeded $60 million — $43 million for Rauner and $17 million for Quinn.
Then Obama goes to Northwestern and gives a speech on economics.
Obama giving a speech on economics?
It's like Jimmy Carter saying he is "manly".
It's like Hillary saying she is just like everyone else.
It's like the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings fielding good football teams against the Green Bay Packers the past 2 weeks.
What makes Obama qualified to give a speech on economics when he has helped kill the U.S. economy?
Obama is brain dead when it comes to economics.  A trained monkey could do a better job on the economy than Obama has and that be an insult to the trained monkey.

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