Thursday, October 2, 2014

Obama: The POS President

Today, President Obama visited Obamaville/Chicago today.
Did he visit a poor area of Chicago?
No, he did not.
Did he condemn all the killings and violence in Chicago?
No, he did not.
Did he make an effort to meet with crime victim families, many who are Black?
No, he did not.
Chicago is Obama's hometown, where he still owns a home which is guarded by the Secret Service. (probably guarded a lot better than the White House)
And Obama repays Chicago when he visits by visiting only the rich people and some rich college kids who go to school in a suburb of Chicago.
When history judges Obama, it won't be ObamaCare that will hurt him, it is the awful way he treats Blacks and other minorities and crime victims and how he could not care less about them.
After Obama leaves office, I am willing to bet the Black community will turn on Obama and possibly other Democrats, including Hillary in 2016.
Obama had a chance to some good in Chicago, instead, he once again turned his back on his followers and told them he couldn't care less about them.
What a POS president.

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