Thursday, July 19, 2012

Add Stupid And Dumb Ass To Harry Reid's Name

Besides being a coward and a crybaby, you can stupid and dumb ass to the list of nick names to Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader who unfortunately hails from Nevada.  
From the Weekly Standard:
TWS: Leader Reid, when it comes to the Bush tax cuts...why didn't Senate Democrats push through this bill back when you controlled the Senate, the House, and the presidency? 
REID: The tax cuts weren't about to expire then. So that's why we're doing it now.
TWS: You could have foreseen this issue two years ago.
REPORTER: What are you talking about? They expired at the end of 2010. 
REID: And that's why they were extended one year.
TWS: Why didn't they vote when you could have pushed this bill through and had it signed into law? 
REID: Next question.

The Democrats could have raised taxes on the rich when the had complete power in 2009-10 but they chose not to do it.  It is a false issue about raising taxes on the rich because if they were serious, then they would have voted for tax increases when they had a filibuster  proof Senate, a clear majority  in House and President Obama.
so, Democrats, why didn't you raise taxes on the rich when you had a chance in 2009-10?


  1. Between Ted Kennedy getting sick and Al Franken getting seated, the Dems had a filibuster-proof majority for about 6 weeks. And Joe Lieberman (along with a few others) was never a dependable vote.

  2. But Jamie, they didn't even try.