Friday, April 4, 2014

Country Music Kills

From The Havre Daily News: A Havre man pleaded not guilty this morning to charges he strangled his girlfriend to death in Havre March 23.
Jordan Lee Carlson, born in 1988, pleaded not guilty this morning to a charge of deliberate homicide in the death of Dawn Beeman....
An officer who arrived found a woman, later identified as Beeman, on the couch. The officer could not find a pulse. EMTs later confirmed the woman was dead, the document says.
Carlson told the officer he and Beeman had been listening to country music, which made him depressed. He and Beeman argued, and he decided to go to the store, the document says.
When he returned, she would not talk to him and when she got up and he asked her if she was leaving, he then strangled her, Carlson told the officer.
I like country music and never thought about killing someone.  Getting drunk maybe, but not murder.

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