Friday, April 4, 2014

What's It Like To Be A Diner At Hells Kitchen TV Show

I'm watching hells Kitchen... again.  So I looked to see what it was like to dine there during filming.
The biggest surprise for me is that the Hells Kitchen restaurant is not a restaurant but a stage.
From TV Guide: The Set
My expectations:
Obnoxiously towering ceilings and larger-than-life decor

The reality:
Hell's Kitchen is built on a sound stage, and everything appears even more exaggerated than on TV -- from the menacingly oversized, flaming HK-pitchfork logo to the stairway that winds up to the balcony where the two finalists stand behind frosted glass doors to discover their fates. The only real difference is the lighting: It's far brighter than you'd expect in a fine-dining restaurant, no doubt to better capture Chef Ramsey's apoplectic fits....
The Vino
My expectations:
Free-flowing wine to keep diners occupied and in a pleasantly undemanding state of euphoria

The reality:
Yep, the waitstaff is very Johnny-on-the-spot when it came to topping off our Malbec. Fortunately (and very responsibly), Fox provides cab vouchers for those who over-tipple.

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