Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Wisconsin Badgers lost to Kentucky, 74-73.  Kentucky made a 3 pointer with 6 seconds left in the game to take a 1 point game.  The Badgers didn't respond, missing a shot at the buzzer.
Thus ends a pretty good season by the Badgers, disappointing as this game was.
Kentucky will play UConn for the final.
As far as betting, I was right on the point spread- the Badgers covered but wrong on the over/under for total points and wrong on the over/under for Frank Kaminsky on points and rebounds.
Yeah, this sucks for me, especially since, if the Badgers won, I would have taken the next 2 days off of work.  1 day to prepare for the game and 1 day to recover from the hangover.

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