Sunday, April 6, 2014

Who Cares

Kurt Cobain killed himself in a drug fueled suicide 20 years ago.
He left behind a young daughter and wife.
He is an asshole for killing himself.
He's about worthless as the poop you find in a dog park.  Actually, the poop is worth more.
Why are we celebrating some jerk who killed himself 20 years ago?
If you care about Cobain, you are sick puppy.

1 comment:

  1. Dan, how can you Not Care??? Cobain was a Tortured Genius!!! Now he's with the Stars!!!

    This was a man whose whole reputation was built on not caring; how can you not care about that??

    For those of us who live in reality, however, I agree with you. It was a selfish and stupid thing he did. And I'm sure you get a lot of hate for pointing out the obvious.

    He had a new child to care for, and he abandoned her. That's nothing to admire. And those who think he was somehow "deep", "misunderstood" and a "tortured artist" for killing himself, are as addled as he was.