Sunday, April 6, 2014

Over Hyping Female Cops Role

I'm sorry but if this were a man, things would have been reported different.
From The New York Daily News: A gutsy, unidentified female MP is being credited for saving lives during the Fort Hood shooting by taking on gunman Ivan Lopez and bringing his bloody rampage to an end.
Lopez had already killed three and wounded 16 during Tuesday's shooting spree by the time the female soldier came face-to-face with him outside a building at the Killeen, Texas, military post.
"It was clearly heroic what she did in that moment in time," Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the post's commander, said at a news conference.
"She did her job, and she did exactly what we'd expect of a United States Army military police."...
He then entered the Transportation Battalion Building and continued firing. Four minutes after the first 911 call, the MP caught up to him in that building's parking lot, Milley said.
They were just 20 feet away from each other when the MP pulled her gun and opened fire.
"He put his hands up, then reached under his jacket, pulled out the gun and she pulled out her weapon," Milley said.
Lopez then put the pistol against his head and pulled the trigger for the final time. 
The whole thing lasted just 15 or 20 minutes, Milley said.
But they were nearly certain the casualty count could have been higher had she not stepped up.
"Most police officers probably would have stepped back and waited for backup, but she stepped forward," he said.
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No, most police officers would have not have stepped backed and waited for back up.
And the female cop shot and missed the thug killer.
She is lucky the thug killer decided to kill himself because she may not have stopped the threat of the thug.
The army is insulting the MP's on Fort Hood by saying they would have called for back up and waited while giving way more credit to the female cop than she deserves.
If this were a male cop, these platitudes would not have have been made.

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