Monday, April 7, 2014

Democrats Trying To Outlaw SeaWorld Acts

Is there anything the Democrats don't want to destroy?
From the San Diego Union: SeaWorld may face a skeptical audience Tuesday when it asks lawmakers to scrap legislation that aims to ban using captive trained orcas in orchestrated shows.
The first stop for the measure is a committee dominated by Democrats with a track record of siding with animal rights and who generally receive poor grades from business interests in the Capitol.
Score cards are an inexact science but can be a harbinger of the hurdles ahead.
There are 10 Democrats and five Republicans on the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. The chairman is Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, who successfully carried legislation last year to ban hunters from using lead bullets by 2019. Rendon and six other Democrats on the panel received perfect marks in 2013 from the Humane Society of the U.S., a supporter of banning killer whale shows. Two others were graded at 67 percent while one assumed office too recently to judge.
In contrast, six of those Democrats routinely voted against positions staked out by the California Chamber of Commerce. Only one stood with the chamber a majority of the time.
The bill, carried by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, would prohibit SeaWorld from using orcas in its shows and outlaw its captive breeding program. It would allow the 10 orcas kept in San Diego to remain on public display in larger “sea pens” if they cannot be returned to the wild. Trainers could not have physical contact with the animals unless for veterinary care.
“It’s really future generations of whales that are in the balance here,” said Bloom, D-Santa Monica.
Bloom said the effort is partly driven by the documentary “Blackfish,” which explores the treatment of orcas and the death of a trainer in Florida. Seaworld brands the movie as propaganda.
Bloom is an idiot because he relies on a supposed neutral documentary about the treatment of Orcas.
Bloom is about as gullible as a person who thinks 3 Card Monte is a legitimate card game played in the back of buses.
Once again, the Democrats are trying to destroy a business with regulation because of feelings instead of facts.
But that is what Democrats and liberals believe in- emotions instead of logic and intelligence.

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