Monday, April 7, 2014

Obama's Chicago: Another Child Dead Due To Violence

Instead of waging war against conservatives, th eKoch Brothers and other American's, maybe President Obama will wage war against thugs, mostly black thugs who commit black on black crime.
From the Chicago Sun Times: The sobs of another grieving family filled a Chatham apartment Sunday after a Simeon Career Academy sophomore and football player was shot to death 2 miles from home.
Michael Flournoy III, 16, who lived in the 8000 block of South Evans Avenue, was shot just before 8 p.m. Saturday in the 1000 block of East 93rd Street and died at the scene, officials said.
Michael’s grandfather, Samuel Woods, said the boy was his “best friend.”
“I saw Michael come in this world,” Woods said. “I kept him with me. I talked to him. We joked. We laughed. We played games on PlayStation. He was my friend. And I’m going to miss him.”
Family, friends and neighbors all described Michael as an ambitious, soft-spoken kid with a good head on his shoulders who steered clear of drugs and gangs. On Tuesday, he planned to interview for a summer job at Navy Pier, Woods said.
“That’s all he kept talking about,” Woods said. “‘Granddad, I got a job.’”
But Michael knew the danger lurking in his neighborhood, according to his grandfather. About a month ago, Michael was mugged on his way to a gas station a few blocks from home.
“They pressed the knife so hard in his belly it left a little hole,” Woods said. “And all they took from him was his cellphone and $5.”
On Saturday, Woods said, Michael was on his way to pick up chips at a store on 93rd Street in the Burnside neighborhood when he got into a fight with some other boys.
“They jumped on him,” Woods said. “Beat him up. And then they shot him in the face.”
Area South detectives are investigating.
Woods said he used to drive Michael to the North Side to look at buildings. The boy loved cars, thought about becoming a firefighter but really wanted to be an architect, Woods said.
And where is the racist Jesse Jackson on this issue?  nd Obama's high priest, the Rev. Wright?
They are all silent about crimes that pit black against black.
And this isn't just in Chicago.  It happens here in Las Vegas, Milwaukee, New York and other large urban areas.
When will black leaders stand up to black thugs and say enough is enough?
Steven Horsford of Las Vegas and member of Congress, when will you get off your ass and start ripping on the black thugs? 

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