Friday, April 11, 2014

Obama Lies About Civil Rights Act

Today, there is widespread praise for the Civil Rights Act that was passed 50 years ago.
And much of the praise is going to President Lyndon Johnson, especially by Obama and his ilk Democrats.
But what they don't mention is that Democrats, like those in the Senate who tried to filibuster the bill, the bill was not popular and it need help from the Republicans to pass the Bill.
Sen. Robert Byrd, just by himself, had a filibuster of 14 hours and 13 minutes against the Bill.
In the Senate, 21 Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act.
In the House, 96 Democrats opposed the Bill.
If it weren't for the Republicans, there would no Civil Rights Act.
I wonder why Obama and his ilk would leave this out, other than he wants to politicize it to make Democrats look good, even though many of them opposed the Bill.
What a jerk Obama is.

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  1. Part of the issue, Dan, is that Democrats and Republicans kind of changed places in the early-mid 60s, or rather, some of them did. Segregationists in the Democratic Party switched to the Republican Party. LBJ acknowledged losing the South for generation. You have to know that Nixon exploited the "Southern Strategy," right?