Friday, April 11, 2014

Too Bad She Didn't Throw A Kitchen Sink

The good news: Some lady threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton.
The Bad News: The lady missed.
The worst news: She didn't throw the kitchen sink.
From the LVRJ: Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas adventure Thursday might be good training if the Democrat runs for president and has to dodge critics — in this case one armed with a strappy shoe.
A female protester threw the footwear at Clinton near the start of her speech at a metal recycling conference as well as some papers that fluttered in the air like wings, prompting the former secretary of state to declare: “Is that a bat?”
When Clinton, who wasn’t hit by the shoe, realized someone threw something at her, she took it in stride.
When the shoe thrower was asked if she was bothered that she missed Clinton and didn't hurt or kill her, she replied:
"What difference does it make?"

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