Friday, April 11, 2014

UNLV Football Out Of Bowl Because Of Stupidity

From teh LVRJ: UNLV athletic director Tina Kunzer-Murphy wasn’t surprised by the news she received from the NCAA on Thursday, but she compared it to receiving word of the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship.
“You know it’s coming, but when the call comes, it was still devastating,” she said. “It was devastating because I really thought that we had a chance.”
The “devastating” news was that the NCAA rejected an appeal by UNLV, meaning the Rebels’ football team, coming off its first bowl appearance in 13 years, will not be eligible to participate in the postseason next season, be it in a bowl or the Mountain West title game.
UNLV needed to average an Academic Progress Rate score of at least 930 over the past four years but produced a 925.
In addition to the postseason ban, UNLV also will lose four practice hours per week that instead must be devoted to academics, and can only participate in five days of football-type activities instead of six.
Coach Bobby Hauck informed the team in the afternoon.
“It was kind of like a kick in the groin,” senior offensive left tackle Brett Boyko said. “Everyone was saddened by the news, but the biggest thing that bothers everybody is 96 percent of the guys in the locker room had nothing to do with it.
“I don’t agree with (the punishment) at all. I think it’s unfair.”
Hauck said many in the 4 percent who didn’t meet their academic obligations needed “between one class and one semester to finish up, and we can’t get them to finish.”
But Hauck, who will be entering his fifth season, took full responsibility, saying every part of the program ultimately “falls at my feet.”
It sucks that only a few players have caused the problem for the whole team.  Those who caused the problem should be kicked off the team for the damage they caused.

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