Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shame On Gay Marriage Supporters

Anybody else see the irony that the gay community that says everyone has to be tolerant to gays and support gay marriage and they turn around and are intolerant to those who have opposite views?
Fromt he Salt Lake Tribune: The resignation of Mozilla’s CEO amid outrage that he supported an anti-gay marriage campaign is prompting concerns about how Silicon Valley’s strongly liberal culture might quash the very openness that is at the region’s foundation.
Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich stepped down Thursday as CEO, just days after his appointment. He left the nonprofit maker of the Firefox browser after furious attacks, largely on Twitter, over his $1,000 contribution to support of a now-overturned 2008 gay-marriage ban in California.
"There was no interest in creating an Internet lynch mob," OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagun, whose dating service site was among those engaged in online protest, said Friday. "I am opposed to that with every bone in my body."
 But Eich’s abrupt departure has stirred the debate over the fairness of forcing out a highly qualified technology executive over his personal views and a single campaign contribution six years ago. And it raises questions about how far corporate leaders are allowed to go in expressing their political views.
 Some are also questioning whether the episode undercuts the well-groomed image of Silicon Valley as a marketplace of ideas and diversity of thought, and whether, in this case, the tech world surrendered to political correctness enforced through a public shaming on social media.
 OkCupid never demanded Eich resign, and after discussing the issue with Mozilla, Yagun ended the call for a Firefox boycott Wednesday afternoon.
And this from the Best of the Web: Ross had some fun with the hypocrisy of two of OkCupid's co-founders, Sam Yagan and Christian Rudder. He searched the federal campaign-contribution database and found that Yagan gave to two candidates who opposed same-sex marriage: $500 to then-Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah, a Republican, in 2004; and $500 to then-Sen. Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Rudder donated $1,000 to Obama's re-election effort, but that contribution came in September 2012, a few months after the president reversed his position.
And this from Clarence Thomas, in the Citizens United case:
Some opponents of Proposition 8 compiled this information and created Web sites with maps showing the locations of homes or businesses of Proposition 8 supporters. Many supporters (or their customers) suffered property damage, or threats of physical violence or death, as a result. They cited these incidents in a complaint they filed after the 2008 election, seeking to invalidate California's mandatory disclosure laws. Supporters recounted being told: "Consider yourself lucky. If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter," or, "we have plans for you and your friends." Proposition 8 opponents also allegedly harassed the measure's supporters by defacing or damaging their property. Two religious organizations supporting Proposition 8 reportedly received through the mail envelopes containing a white powdery substance.Those accounts are consistent with media reports describing Proposition 8-related retaliation. The director of the nonprofit California Musical Theater gave $1,000 to support the initiative; he was forced to resign after artists complained to his employer. The director of the Los Angeles Film Festival was forced to resign after giving $1,500 because opponents threatened to boycott and picket the next festival...
One reason I oppose gay marriage, and it has nothing to do with gays, is that the liberals and gays have shown themselves to be immature and also major league hypocrites prone to violence and hatred- something they accuse those who oppose gay marriage of, but are themselves the bigots.  Not all gays are like this, but there are enough of them out there and their fellow gays will not condemn those who are the real haters. The real haters are those who support gay marriage but will attack those with opposing views, and I will not support people like that.  Just as I will not support conservatives who are also hateful, stupid and/or are violent.
It's too bad that a large number of haters out there decided that their view is superior and won't tolerate different view points. 
To those haters who called for this fellow's firing/resignation, I just have 2 things to say to you:
Stop hating and
Screw you.

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