Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scientists Say Global Warming Is Good

From Breitbart: The latest verdict is in on 'climate change' - and the news is good. The planet is greening, the oceans are blooming, food production is up, animals are thriving and humans are doing better than ever: and all thanks to CO2 and global warming.
So say the authors of the latest Climate Change Reconsidered report by the NIPCC - that's the Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change, an independent research body funded by the Heartland Institute.
The scientific team, led by atmospheric physicist Fred Singer, geographer and agronomist Craig Idso, research physicist Sherwood B. Idso and marine geologist Bob Carter, has assessed the peer-reviewed evidence and reached a conclusion somewhat different from the scaremongering narrative which has been promoted in the last week by the IPCC and its amen corner in the mainstream media: reports of the planet's imminent demise have been somewhat exaggerated; in fact we're doing just fine.
Here are their latest report's key findings.
Biological Impacts
Atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant and is greening the planet. Far from damaging food production it is helping to increase it, as are rising temperatures. Ecosystems are thriving and rising CO2 levels and temperatures pose no significant threat to aquatic life. Global warming will have a negligible effect on human morbidity and the spread of infectious diseases but will, on balance, be beneficial because cold is a deadlier threat to the human species than warmth.
I don't believe in global warming/climate and that is the United State's fault, as the liberals believe.
But common sense also says that a little bit of global warming is good because it will open up areas for farming that were not available when it was colder.  While it may be hotter in the desert, no one farms there anyways.
And the information above comes from scientists, so it has to settled.  Scientists, afterall, can't be wrong, can they?

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