Saturday, April 5, 2014

Something Strange Is Going On In Nevada Local Government

Within the past couple of weeks, several local governments have said they are having budget shortfalls.
The latest is Nye County: From the PVT: Nye County faces a $3.5 million deficit going into the 2014-15 fiscal year, commissioners learned this week.
The numbers presented by Comptroller Susan Paprocki were so bad Commissioner Lorinda Wichman, a die-hard Republican, went so far as to suggest county employees might sign up for Obamacare, alluding to the savings the county could reap if it didn’t have to pay employee medical benefits.
The county is projected to raise $33.9 million in revenues but incur $36.38 million in expenditures, Paprocki said. If the county wanted to have a 4-percent ending general fund balance it would require a 13-percent reduction in costs, she said.
This is on the heels of the City of Henderson that said it was about $16 million short, North Las Vegas which is always in a budget shortfall, the Clark County Health District which will layoff about 60 people because of a budget shortfall.
I am sure that the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, Boulder City and Mesquite will also have their budget problems as well.
My question is why are these communities having such bad budget problems?
Too many employees?
Not saving for a rainy day?
Union contracts?
An excuse to raise taxes?
All of the above?

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