Saturday, April 5, 2014

Teacher's Union Using School Resources To Politic

From a union official who I will keep nameless, who used CCSD e-mail to send the following message:
On April 2, the NEA is planning a national day of action to contact legislators and other elected officials regarding education issues.  I would ask that you send an email to Governor Sandoval similar to the one below.  You can send this email to your personal email and copy and past from there.

Dear Governor Sandoval,

        You have repeatedly said that you want to increase funding for education in Nevada.  You have also said that you believe The Education Initiative is not the way to do that, but you have not offered any alternatives.  It appears that Tesla will NOT be coming to Nevada because of the poor quality of the education system.  That is a 5 billion dollar project and 6500 post construction jobs.

        Please share your alternative to increase funding for education in Nevada if you won't support The Education Initiative.
This a blatant violation of the law but is being allowed to be used on CCSD computers, written during the teaching day and using CCSD servers.
Will anyone investigate?  Don't hold your breath.

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