Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Union Thug News

From Fox News: At first glance, operations at the Port of Portland might look normal. Trucks come and go. Containers are loaded and unloaded. But upon closer inspection, it's clear the normally efficient system is moving like molasses. 
Crane operators hover over a container for up to a minute before hooking and moving it. Once the container is set down, the crane worker backs up right in the path of the next truck and sits there for another minute. It all adds up to lost time and lost productivity at the busiest port in Oregon, a state where 500,000 jobs are dependent on international trade. 
The company's CEO claims the reason they're still fighting is the union wants to oust the company and return to the days when the port was run by a pseudo-government agency. 
"The union wants to put ICTSI out of business in Portland," the company's CEO Elvis Ganda said. "And I think they want to see things returned to a situation where they can dictate how the operation runs."...
The union seems to be getting even more militant. The National Labor Relations Board accused the longshoremen in nearby Vancouver, Wash., of threatening the children of United Grain employees, including the threatened rape of one manager's daughter. The union's alleged actions, apparently a response to a lockout, also involved injuring and hurling racial slurs at security guards.  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/04/08/union-dispute-slows-work-at-vital-western-port-to-crawl/
While I would like to think that these are isolated incidents, it's not.  The Culinary Union here in Vegas has a bunch of thugs running the union,  Just about every week, you hear of union thugs either striking, sabotaging their employers or putting people's well being at risk.
While it may not happen in the next 2 years, perhaps it is time to outlaw unions. 

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