Friday, April 13, 2012

Kevin McAuliffe Reports To Prison

Showing once again that Monsignor Kevin McAuliffe continues to receive preferential treatment, McAuiliffe reported to prison today, at a Federal prison which basically has no security.
From the LVRJ: A Roman Catholic priest from Las Vegas surrendered today at a federal prison in Texas to begin serving three years and one month for siphoning $650,000 from his northwest Las Vegas parish to support a video poker and casino gambling habit.
Monsignor Kevin McAuliffe, 59, turned himself in as required at a satellite camp adjacent to La Tuna correctional institution in the Texas-New Mexico border town of Anthony, a Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman said.
"Camps are considered nonsecured facilities, meaning they don't have secured fencing or perimeter patrol," said the spokesman, Edmond Ross.
McAuliffe was sentenced in January to prison, three years of supervised release and $650,000 in restitution after pleading guilty in October to three federal mail fraud charges.
First, McAuiliffe was allowed to plead guilty to federal charges instead of being charged in Nevada/Clark County court.  Instead of being sentenced to a prison in Nevada, most of which are maximum security, McAuliffe gets to go to a very minimum security in Texas.
Meanwhile, Rod  Blagojevich, former Illinois governor was sentenced to prison and had to go to a minimum security prison in Colorado, but they have the fences and other trappings of a real prison and Blagojevich is hardly a security threat.
So, while McAuliffe is technically in prison, it is more like a camp.  For more information about the camp and it's rules and regulations:
McAuliffe should be lucky he is not sharing his cell with O.J..

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  1. We can only hope that Bishop Pepe is in Rome resigning as bishop of Las Vegas. After all, he is at fault for his negligent supervision of Msgr. Kevin. In his 10 years as bishop of Las Vegas, he never audited St. Elizabeth's parish where Msgr. Kevin was pastor. This is unbelievable. A huge parish with a multimillion dollar annual budget with no financial supervision by the bishop! In the past year certainly an audit has now been conducted, after Msgr. Kevin was removed. Where are the results of this audit? The fact that they have not been released is a sign that things were worse than what has become public.