Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 Sad Cases

From the Las Vegas Sun: A defiant 15-year-old, apparently tired of nagging by his older brother to get his life together, is charged with first-degree murder after police said he shot his brother in the head last week in front of the boys’ mother.
According to a Metro Police arrest report released today, the boys’ mother, Wendy Bronson, was resting in her room Thursday when she heard the familiar sound of Turner, 15, and Clayton, 18, fighting.
She went to the hallway and saw Clayton clutching his stomach. He told her Turner had shot him. Wendy Bronson called 911 to report the shooting at their home in the 7400 block of Arcadia Bluff Court, and then waited with her wounded son in the dining room, the report said.
Moments later, Turner returned with the handgun, walked up to Clayton and shot him in the head, the report says.
According to the arrest report, Turner and Clayton had been fighting for the last several months because Clayton kept telling Turner he needed to get his life together.
And this case:
From the Sun: The woman accused of critically injuring her 11-year-old son in a Memorial Day shooting confessed to the crime and told police she was building up the courage to kill herself and her three children to put them in a “better place,” according to a Metro Police arrest report released today.....
Carrillo had called a friend, “Bobby,” to whom Carrillo owed money. Before Bobby arrived at the house, a fearful Carrillo retrieved a rifle she kept in her sister’s bedroom, loaded it and placed it in the bedroom Carrillo was sharing with her three children and a niece.
About 1:30 a.m. Monday, Carrillo met Bobby outside the house and paid him. After going back inside, Carrillo went to the bedroom and picked up the rifle. Afraid, Carrillo told police she was building up courage to kill herself and her children so they could all be in a “better place.”
The 11-year-old son, who Carrillo said had never been accepted by her family, was asleep in a sleeping bag under a window with his head on a pillow. Carrillo lowered the gun and told the boy, “I love you.” Headlights shone through the window, a car door shut, and Carrillo pulled the trigger.
Carrillo chambered another round of ammunition, but the father of her sister's children, who had heard the shot, came into the room. The two struggled, but the man was able to get the rifle away from Carrillo.
Now, you have 2 families that are destroyed, 2 kids who are dead and almost dead and for what?
A pissed off kid and a mom on drugs.

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