Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm Not To Vote For A Judge Who Says This

We, in Nevada, are in the midst of early voting in the primaries for different local, Federal and State elections.
We are also being bombarded by political adertisements.
And the most irritating are the ones from the judges who say they are compassionate.
Who the hell wants a compassionate judge?
If you have a compasionate judge, that means the judge has taken sides.
If the judge is compassionate to a defendent in criminal court, then you don't feel compassion for the victim.
And if you feel compassion to the victim, then are you giving the defendent a fair trial.
And the same goes for the civil and family judges.  If you are compassionate to one side, you are screwing the other side.
I want a judge who is fair to everyone, be tough but fair on criminals.
I want a judge who is neutral in civil trials and doesn't make rulings against a business because they have deep pockets.
And of course I want a judge to know the law.
But I don't want a compassionate judge... unless I bribe the judge if I am trouble.

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