Friday, May 16, 2014

Who Would You Rather Have In The Locker Room?

So, if you are an NFL football player, who would you rather have in your locker room?
Michael Sam, the gay football player who brings the Oprah entourage and gay boyfriend into the locker room?
Aaron Hernandez, the NFL player who is now charged in 3 murders, including 2 the night before he came into the locker room to go to practice.
It's a tough one.
With Sam, who is a rookie,he is going to have a huge entourage, TV cameras, you have to be very political correct all the time you interact with him and he will be a complete distraction for someone who may not even make the team and if he makes the team, people will wonder if he made the team because he was good enough, if the Rams were paid off or the Rams were too uncomfortable cutting him because of the outcry from the gay community and cries of discrimination.
Or Aaron Hernandez who committed 3 murders but apparently was a decent teammate and paid his dues as a rookie.
If I was forced to make a choice, I would go with Hernandez because Sam is just a rookie and I would not want to be distracted by TV cameras and his entourage, while Hernandez did his killing on his own time.

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