Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Las Vegas Fire Chief Needs To Go

Picture from the LVRJ

From the LVRJ: The Las Vegas Fire Department responds to all emergencies in the city, regardless of ethnic heritage or money, Chief Willie McDonald stressed several times at a news conference Tuesday.
McDonald had called the news conference with the intention of rebuking his competitor — private ambulance company American Medical Response — which on Monday released a report accusing the Fire Department of putting more public resources in wealthier neighborhoods at the expense of poorer parts of the city.
“We respond to 100 percent of the calls in the city and treat every person with respect and courtesy,” McDonald said.
But AMR, which operates under a contract with the city, didn’t accuse the Fire Department of failing to show up. Its report said the department is taking more wealthy patients to hospitals, while leaving it to AMR to transport more patients from inner city neighborhoods. McDonald didn’t directly address that.
The fire chief is speaking like a politician by directly avoiding a serious issue.
In addition: McDonald said AMR’s claims are “completely false,” but also said he hadn’t read the report, which last week was given to City Council members, was the subject of a Review-Journal front-page article Tuesday and by the end of the day Tuesday had been sent to every local media outlet.
So, now not only is he being dishonest, he is behaving like a complete idiot.
This chief needs to resign or be fired.  He is not living up to the standards of being a firefighter or a fire chief.

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