Monday, May 19, 2014

What A Load Of Crap

From the Las Vegas Sun: The devastating wildfires scorching Southern California offer a glimpse of a warmer and more fiery future, according to scientists and federal and international reports.
In the past three months, at least three different studies and reports have warned that wildfires are getting bigger, that man-made climate change is to blame, and it's only going to get worse with more fires starting earlier in the year. While scientists are reluctant to blame global warming for any specific fire, they have been warning for years about how it will lead to more fires and earlier fire seasons.
"The fires in California and here in Arizona are a clear example of what happens as the Earth warms, particularly as the West warms, and the warming caused by humans is making fire season longer and longer with each decade," said University of Arizona geoscientist Jonathan Overpeck. "It's certainly an example of what we'll see more of in the future."
First, there hasn't been too many "devastating" fires in California this year.  Yes, there have been some fires, no more than normal and they occurred in areas that are dry normally.
They also said we would have more hurricanes this past hurricane season because of global warming.
And we had 0 hurricanes hit the U.S. this past season and very few tropical storms hitting the U.S..
They said we would have a devastating tornado season because of global warming and we are having fewer tornadoes this year than in the past.
The last 3 nights, we have been averaging 10 states with frost/freeze warnings.
And no heat advisories.
Global warming is a crock.  The only people believing in it are people who have a financial stake in global warming, like an Al Gore and Jonathon Overpeck from the article, and their lemming followers.


  1. According to noted climate scientist Jimbo Greenpeasoup, crazy and wacky weather is prime evidence that global climate change is real!

  2. All right, who the hell are you? I'm starting to think you're somebody I know just trying to get a rise out of me. Anyway, I didn't say it was evidence. I merely pointed out that strange weather and related events are a prediction of climate change, and that is true. Now go ahead, insult me, and offer no real counterpoint.

  3. "James Greenlee May 17, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    Climate change means weird and wacky weather, but you knew that, right?"

    You know, nowhere in that 12 word dumbass comment is prediction of climate change mentioned.

    So now you've been caught red-handed in a lie, Jimmy. Are you going to man up and admit you're wrong? I wonder if our friends at the LVH book would take a bet on that.

  4. Climate change DOES mean weird and wacky weather. Ergo, weird and wacky weather does not disprove that climate change is happening. This really isn't difficult. So no, didn't lie. Now, are you going to tell me who you are, or at least why you hide behind "anonymous?"

  5. Any half-assed CCSD English teacher will look at your May 17 comment and say you are completely, unequivocally full of shit, and you managed to dig yourself deeper with an even bigger whopper tonight. You just contradicted yourself from your May 19th lie.

    Seriously, seek mental help. You're obviously unstable, a pathological liar and prone to violence. I'll stick with my moniker as is, Jimbo.