Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chump Change

From Cherry Hill firefighters earned more than those in Philadelphia and New York City in recent years, and the approval of a nearly $25 million budget in 2012 went unnoticed by most residents because of a dismal election turnout, according to an audit released Wednesday by the state Comptroller's Office....
In 2011, according to the audit, Cherry Hill firefighters earned on average $80,000 - nearly $10,000 more than the average salary of firefighters in New Jersey that year. Cherry Hill firefighters also started at a salary of $50,099, about $10,000 more than firefighters in New York City and Philadelphia, the audit said. According to the collective-bargaining agreement signed Feb. 6, the starting salary for firefighters in Cherry Hill is now $41,000, an 18 percent drop. Gibson said firefighters were also receiving smaller raises, but he did not have the numbers.
Shoot, the average firefighter in Clark County, NV.makes in excess of $100,000, so the Cherry Hill firefighters are paupers compared to Clark County firefighters.
Maybe it's time for an audit of the full time fire departments in Clark County and probably the State of Nevada.

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