Saturday, May 17, 2014

Judge Fooled, Man Dead

When you are a soft of crime judge, you will be burned from time to time.
From the LVRJ: Robert Garrison should probably be dead.
Many people don’t survive being shot just once, especially at point-blank range. Garrison, just a teenager in 2009 and a few blocks from his high school, was shot five times — in the chest, stomach and back — from less than 2 feet away.
His shooter, Jonathan Perez, should probably be in prison.
Only a skilled surgeon and some luck prevented Perez from becoming a murderer. In 2011, Perez pleaded guilty to attempted murder and carrying a concealed weapon. And he’d continue to get lucky.
Veteran District Judge Ken Cory ignored prosecutors’ recommendation for a 20-year maximum prison sentence. In a decision that shocked officials, Cory gave Perez probation.
“I don’t want to have to worry about you doing some dumb thing again,” Cory said in court, “and winding up back in front of me.”
Just a few years later, Perez, now 22, is again accused of shooting someone. This time, neither Perez nor the man who was shot were as fortunate: Perez faces a murder charge.
Cory told the Review-Journal he doesn’t “feel good” about his decision, in light of Perez’s new charges.
Gee judge, you don't feel good.
That still feels better than the guy that is dead.

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