Monday, May 26, 2014

And The Killings Didn't?

Fromthe San Fran Chronicle:
Zodiac Killer suspect’s sex scandal shocks cops
There are Zodiac Killer theories and books by the trainload, but few have generated as much heat and noise as “The Most Dangerous Animal of All,” published last week — or spun a tale with as much twisted extra value. That value is a sleazy sex scandal involving the latest suspect. Several such scandals, actually.
And there’s also this: The frenzy going on right now by amateur Zodiac sleuths all over the country trying to blow holes in the latest theory has led to the possibility that the handwriting analyzed in the book is actually not even that of the suspect it purports to finger.
First, the sex. It’s that angle that helped drag the San Francisco Police Department into looking at the theory put forth by the book’s author, Gary Stewart of Louisiana, that his late father was the Zodiac Killer.
Stewart asked investigators at the department about a decade ago for records on his dad, Earl Van Best Jr., who had abandoned him as a baby and died in Mexico in 1984 without ever meeting his grown son. Stewart knew his parents had met in San Francisco, but the revelations that popped up shocked even the cops.
It turned out Van Best had a rap sheet as long as his own arm for pedophilia, fraud, rape, drunk driving and more. The marquee crime came in 1962 and was dubbed the “Ice Cream Romance” by The Chronicle. Van Best, then 28, met 14-year-old Judy Chandler that year at an ice cream parlor in San Francisco, married her, and soon wound up in prison for statutory rape.
With his record on sex crimes, the guy could have been a teacher in CCSD.

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