Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prediction: Danica Patrick Will Not Name Her First Born Son "Josh"

You know that the past 2 days for NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, has been horrible for her.
Last weekend, she got her best best NASCAR finish, a 7th place at Kansas, but she still is in 28th place, 181 points behind the leader in the Sprint Car points standings,  Her boyfriend, Ricky Stendhouse is beating her by 27 points.
On Friday night, she finished a miserable 10th place in the All Star qualifyong race and was beaten by 2 rookies.
And despite all the advertisements from Go Daddy featuring Danica, she did not win the most popular driver of that race.
The winner:
Josh Wise.
Josh Wise, who drives the #98 car in Sprint and is in 36th place int he standings.
Danica probably has never met Josh Wise or shook hands with him.
From the Sporting News: Danica Patrick believes her fans are still behind her despite a surprising loss in the fan vote to make the Sprint All-Star Race.
Josh Wise, who had the backing of Dogecoin community, won the Sprint Fan Vote to become the final qualifier into the all-star event Saturday night. The internet-based group waged an aggressive voting campaign.
“It is what it is,” said Patrick, who won the fan vote last year. “That’s what it is. It’s outside sources that are in control. I know my fans voted a lot and I understand that I actually had more votes this year than I did last year by a fair amount.
“I don’t doubt them at all. But it is what it is this time around.”
You could just tell she was pissed at the vote and she had contempt in her quote towards Wise.

Danica hot under the collar

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