Sunday, May 25, 2014

If This Were In A Black/Hispanic Neighborhood, It Would Be Barely Be A Story

Last night, there was a stabbing/shooting incident in Isle Vista CA..  The shooter was a son of a Hollywood director and quite well off, money wise.
Apparently, he was pissed he still was a virgin, kind of like a Radar of  the MASH TV show.
So, this punk thug kills 6 people because he is a virgin and the news media from all over the world goes ape shit over these murders.
If this same incident happened in Obamaville/Chicago and in it's ghetto areas, there would be barely a peep from the media.  It might be a 45 second news story the first day or so and that would be it.
In the media, it does matter what race the actors are in these crimes.
Who do you think is more racist?  Donald Sterling or the media?
I say the media.

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