Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Reason Not To Get Red Light Cameras

Fromt he Chicago Tribune: The former head of Chicago's red light camera program was arrested Wednesday in a $2 million bribery scandal and charged by federal prosecutors with plotting to steer the contract to Redflex Traffic Systems before the first ticket was ever issued in 2003.
 John Bills, the former transportation official who managed the red light contract until 2011, coached Redflex officials in a series of clandestine meetings and helped them grow their program into the largest in the country, authorities alleged. In return, they said, Bills received hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash spent on a vacation home, a boat and a Mercedes convertible, along with dozens of trips and a condominium near the company's Arizona headquarters.
 The single bribery charge against Bills puts him at the center of sweeping allegations in a scandal that by size alone ranks among the largest in Chicago's notorious history of corruption. The Tribune first disclosed the questionable relationship between Bills and Redflex in the fall of 2012, revealing a scandal that has shaken the foundation of the company and its Australian parent, Redflex Holdings Ltd.
Bills' attorney said his client did nothing wrong and is being squeezed by federal authorities to cooperate against Redflex and others.,0,1982915.story
From time to time, there has been talk in Nevada about legalizing red light cameras and possible corruption is just another reason why Nevada should not consider it.
As an aside, those camera looking things on the stop lights in the Vegas Valley are not cameras to video tape you, they are there for emergency vehicles so they can change lights from red to green.

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