Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Fun And Games In The Nye County Sheriff's dept.

The Nye County Sherif's Department has to be the most interesting police department to watch in the Unmited States.  Every week, it seems that there is a new revelation of corruption, Barney Fife cops and other strange behavior.
From the PVT: Ironically, his return coincides with news that more than half-a-dozen deputies, most of whom were involved in the arrests, went on paid “stress leave” this week.
Sources tell the Pahrump Valley Times that the deputies cited an ongoing “hostile work environment” as a reason for walking off the job. Sources also say the deputies plan to file worker compensation claims as a result.
The deputies who left their posts are David Boruchowitz, Harry Williams, Brian Jonas, John Kakavulias, Christopher Gelson, Adam Tippetts and Logan Gibbbs. All but Jonas were reportedly involved in Gulley and Marshall’s arrests over alleged sign stealing related to the sheriff’s race....
Meanwhile, the latest turmoil, which could impact public safety since the sheriff’s office is already short-staffed, appears to be related to a failed smear campaign orchestrated by the Nye County Law Enforcement Association (NCLEA) last year. Beginning in June 2013, the association, which represents street-level deputies and is led by Boruchowitz, its president, concocted a strategy to purposely disrupt sheriff’s office operations, according to an investigative report shared with the Pahrump Valley Times.
While this may seem like a good political stragey for the cops involved, they are putting their fellow officers in danger.
Need I need to remind them that just a few years ago, Deputy Sheriff Ian Michael Deutch was shot and killed while on duty.
Even if these deputies dislike working for Nye County, that is no reason for them to put their fellow deputies and the citizens of Nye County in danger.

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