Thursday, May 29, 2014

Senile Harry Reid Would Love This

Waffle Head Dingy Harry
I got this strange e-mail from the Republicans today:
In a desperate attempt to cling onto power, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has become “the most dangerous man in the world,” “an imperial majority leader,” and a “wannabe totalitarian,” according to several headlines.
Harry Reid has been on an unprecedented power trip—from rewriting the Constitution to fit his political needs, using the "nuclear option" to change the Senate rules, unilaterally pushing through President Obama's liberal appointees and judicial nominees, and circumventing the normal checks and balances system to ram through his radical agenda.It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And it’s terrifying.Reid’s abuses of power – and the desperate and deceitful measures he has taken to hold onto his position as Majority Leader – are nothing short of radical, unethical and downright disturbing. He truly is the most dangerous man for America.That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that we fire Harry Reid and take back the Senate. There’s too much at stake.In the past year, Harry Reid only allowed Republicans to vote on nine of their proposed amendments. This type of action is deplorable—and the Obama-Reid stronghold must be stopped....
Chuck DeFeo
RNC Deputy Chief of Staff
Of course, they ask for money after the letter ends.
For some reason, I think Reid is smiling at this e-mail.

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