Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clark County Puts Private Business Out Of Business

From the LVRJ: Clark County commissioners on Tuesday approved an ordinance that will put a county-owned system of uniform newsracks in place on the Strip.
Currently, newsrack owners put their own devices on the Strip after receiving county permits for the location.
The county’s newsracks are anticipated to be in place in January 2015. Applicants will still be able to seek permits to use the newsracks on the Strip. When the county installs its newsracks, the owners who be notified and can remove and keep their property.
The ordinance is part of the county’s efforts to address newsracks on the Strip and improve the tourism center’s aesthetics. The newsracks now come in different designs, shapes and colors.
The cost for the newsracks is estimated at $300,000 to $400,000. The money will come from the resort corridor room tax for hotels, not the general fund....
Eddie Munoz, owner of Strip Advertising, has newsracks in the impacted area.
He raised concerns about the change, saying owners have invested thousands of dollars in their property to meet past county regulations and the two sides could have worked out an alternative solution.
“We can paint them all the same color where it wouldn’t be a burden on the taxpayers,” he said.
Newsracks on the Strip don’t carry traditional newspapers such as the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Instead, they typically hold pamphlets and magazines offering advertisements for a variety of services, from escorts to strip clubs. The county’s new ordinance doesn’t regulate the content of the newsracks. http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/county-replace-las-vegas-strip-newsracks-its-own-racks-january
So, nothing like putting a private business out of business after they invested thousands of dollars of their hard earned money.
And the County is using tax taxpayer money to fund this stupid idea.
Just remember that these idiots on the
County Commission are all Democrats.
Dumb Democrats.

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