Thursday, May 29, 2014

Only In Illinois???

From the Chicago Sun Times: Cook County has long been ridiculed for allowing dead people cast votes, but the state may have just garnered a new distinction. 
It paid $12 million in health care for people who were already dead — including in one case, for a person who had died in 1989. 
A new financial audit released by Auditor General Bill Holland’s office on Thursday found that the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services had 8,232 people still on Medicaid rolls qualifying for benefits, even though they were dead. 
The state paid monthly premiums totaling almost $7 million for 561 people who had already been dead for an average of nearly two years before they were enrolled in a state managed care program. 
“A person was dead for 663 days and then they were signed up for Managed Care,” an incredulous Holland told the Sun-Times.  “They need to improve their system to ensure the death dates for current enrollees, and just to ensure that people who were deceased were not enrolled.”
The Auditor General’s office compared those enrolled in Medicaid as of June 2013 to Illinois Department of Public Health death records dating back to 1970.
Somehow, I don't think the FIB's are alone in this.

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  1. Wonder if these comments are appropriate. I didn't see a condemnation on the Greenpeasoup Gazette, so I'm confused.