Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Darwin Award Nominee

From the New York Daily News: An 18-year-old South Carolina woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for firing a gun at a friend who asked her to shoot him.
Taylor Ann Kelly allegedly obliged the request of friend Blake Wardell, who told the young woman to shoot him after he pulled on a flak vest.
Deputy coroner Don McCowan said Wardell bled to death after the bullet hit an unprotected part of his chest, WHNS-TV reported.
Kelly and Wardell were hanging out with eight to 10 people at a rural house when they decided that putting on a bullet-proof vest and having someone shoot at the wearer was a good idea.
Friends and emergency workers performed CPR on Wardell, who was lying in the garage, but to no avail.
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I actually feel sorry for the girl.  The guy asked for her to shoot him nd she complied.  Too bad he didn't know she was a horrible shot.

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