Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From the Bad To The Ugly

From the LVRJ: The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange board voted unanimously Tuesday to end its relationship with Xerox, the vendor contracted in 2012 to build the exchange’s Nevada Health Link website.
In place of Xerox, the exchange will adopt the federal Healthcare.gov exchange’s eligibility and enrollment functions for the sign-up period that begins Nov. 15, though it will keep its status and funding as a state-controlled system. The exchange will also issue a request for proposals to evaluate replacement systems in coming years. A new platform could come from a state with a functional marketplace, or from a vendor with a similar, proven program.
As with the final vote, reaction to the board’s decision was uniform.
Insurance brokers, insurers, lawmakers and policymakers all praised the move, which the board considered since February.
So, we have 1 disaster with the State planand Nevada will go onto an even more of a disaster, the ObamaCare disaster.
Thank you Gov. Sandoval.

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