Friday, May 23, 2014

Didn't Learn His Lesson

From the SF Chronicle: For a classic example of the concept of irony, look no further than Damariay Drew, a sophomore safety on the Cal football team.
On May 3, Drew and 23 of his teammates made a scheduled visit to San Quentin State Prison, the purpose of which was to underscore to the football players how fortunate they are to be scholarship athletes at a prestigious university and to see first-hand the severe consequences of making bad decisions.
On May 6, not far from Memorial Stadium, Drew was arrested on suspicion of committing felony battery with serious bodily injury to a fellow student, as well as kicking the alleged victim’s dog. He was charged with assault on May 12.
Drew, who spent time in Berkeley City Jail before being released, was suspended indefinitely from the team “pending further information.’’ He later pleaded not guilty and is being represented by Oakland attorney Darryl Stallworth, a former Cal football player (1984-87).
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