Friday, May 23, 2014

The Obama Chicago Legacy

Chicago Police stand near the body of 14-year-old Kevin Diaz.
From the Chicago Tribune: The two detectives stood over the 14-year-old boy and lifted the blue sheet covering his body, focusing a flashlight underneath. As the sheet came off,  the sobs from relatives grew deeper, more choking.
“They don’t believe it but I’m telling ‘em, they showed me his face,” said the boy’s 17-year-old brother Jose Diaz, standing a few feet away on Francisco Avenue just south of 64th Street. “How can it not be true?”
As the crying grew louder, three officers holding crime scene tape formed a line and nudged the relatives away from the body.
Diaz said he was walking to the store with their mother around 10:15 p.m. Thursday when they saw blue lights and walked south to the crime scene to see what happened.
“They showed me my brother,” Diaz said, looking down at the body. “(Detectives) took down my information and told me to call but really I don’t think I’ll find anything out.”
President Obama was in Chicago fund raising yesterday when this kid was shot and killed.
Obama's silence on the murders in Chicago was deafening as he was raising money.
Obama parties, people die.

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  1. So sad. I complain about nothing. I am blessed with healthy adult children, a grandkid, and a foster daughter.