Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tide Thieves

From the Las Vegas Sun: Retail thieves are snatching an increasingly hot item on the black market that’s not located anywhere near the electronics or jewelry sections.
In fact, it’s probably closer to mops and brooms.
The in-demand product: laundry detergent.
Metro Police say the household necessity is fetching between a third and two-thirds of its retail price on the streets, meaning quick cash for thieves and stolen-product peddlers.
“It seems that with every passing year, it just keeps increasing,” said Metro Detective Chris Archer, who works on the department’s Retail Apprehension Prevention Partnership team.
Last year, the RAPP team made about 180 arrests for retail thefts, about half of which involved laundry detergent — Tide, in particular — and beauty items such as deodorant, razors and shampoo, he said.
Here's the thing about shoplifting in Clark County.  The District attorney won't prosecute unless the amount stolen is around $100.
You can walk into most large box stores like Wal-Mart and walk out merchandise and no one will stop you or hold you for the cops.
And 180 arrests?  That is such a tiny fraction of the people who steal or fence, what's the point of having this department at Metro?
So, if people want to steal, most likely nothing will happen to you.

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