Friday, May 16, 2014

How Sad

From the New York Daily News: Funeral services were held Thursday for a Massachusetts woman who wanted nothing more than to become a mother, but died just hours after giving birth to twins.
Lee Ann Mannillo was only 41. The Cape Cod resident died one week ago after sons Van and Nicholas were delivered by cesarean section at a local hospital. The boys are fine and healthy.
"It was everything she always wanted. It was immeasurable, the amount of joy and excitement she had in welcoming the boys," friend Karen Costa told the Boston Herald. "She was able to see them and kiss them and name them and love them.
"It's beautiful that their first moments were captured by her husband, on film, and I think it's tragic that was the only time she had with them," Costa said.
After giving birth, Mannillo had been transferred to Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston after doctors found a blood clot in her leg, friends said.
But no expected her to die, Costa told the paper.
"Her heart stopped, and despite all their extraordinary efforts, they were never able to start it again," said Costa, who raced to the hospital after being called by new father Richard Mannillo.
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