Sunday, May 25, 2014

Las Vegas Badger Election Recommendations

Today started the early voting for the primaries in Nevada and here my "endorsements" in some of the races.
Governor-GOP: Anybody but Gov. Sandoval.  As conservatives, we need to send a message to Sandoval that he is acting like a RINO and that we conservatives don't appreciate that.
Governor-Democrats: Who cares
Lt. Governor-GOP: Mark Hutchinson
Democrat: Harley Kulkin (he pisses of the PT Editor, Matt Ward, so he can't be that bad)
House of Representatives
District 1
GOP: Annette Teijeiro
Democrat: Herbert Peters
They are opponents of Dina Titus, the 2nd most corrupt politician in Nevada, so any vote against her is a good thing.
District 2: GOP Joe Heck
Democrat: No choice
District 3: GOP Mark Amodei
Democrats: Doesn't matter
District 4 GOP: Niger Innis
Democrat: Anybody but Steven Horsford
Sheriff: Ted Moody and/or Joe Lombardo
As far as the rest of the elections, I have no idea.  There are really no good information about the rest of the candidates.
For instance, for Judge, there is a judge running, Jacob Hafter.  He would be a horrible choice for judge.  He is an ambulance chaser and defender of the attempted dog killers that was in the news recently. He would be a bad judge.
For CCSD elections, do not vote for Carolyn Edwards.  She is a pathetic candidate and is the incumbent.  If you don't like what is going on in CCSD, don't vote for her.
If there is a candidate/supporter out there that wants to tell me about themselves or their candidate and why they should be elected, write me in the comment section and let us know.
Here is the Las Vegas Sun endorsements- vote for the opposite of what the Sun wants:

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  1. Jacob Hafter didn't represent the attempted dog killers. You may want to check your facts. He represented Gloria Lee's estranged husband only as to his rights to determine where the dogs wound up. That was the only extent of his involvement in the case, i.e. the welfare of the puppies.

    Next time, try doing your homework before posting ignorant comments.