Friday, May 23, 2014

Good Jury

From the LVRJ: A Japanese pharmaceutical company prevailed Thursday in a Las Vegas case involving two women who claimed the diabetes drug Actos caused them to develop bladder cancer.
Lawyers for the two women, Las Vegas resident Bertha Triana and Henderson resident Delores Cipriano, had asked the jury to award their clients $60 million in compensatory damages. The lawyers also had planned to seek billions of dollars in punitive damages.
“It was obviously disappointing — particularly disappointing for the clients, because that is why we do this,” said Cipriano’s attorney, Robert Eglet.
Triana and Cipriano sat in the courtroom as the verdict was announced shortly after noon. Both women declined to comment afterward.
The ruling against Cipriano was a stunning defeat for Eglet, who holds the three largest personal injury verdicts in Nevada history.
“The last time I lost a case was 2003,” he said. “It’s been 11 years.”
Well, too bad attorney Eglet, but you are just an ambulance chaser and it's a good thing you and your clients lost.
And they were seeking over $1,000,000,000 and now they get $0.
After a bunch of bad civil jury awards in the past from Clark County juries, it's good to see a jury with some common sense.

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