Wednesday, June 18, 2014

4 Months For Killing Kitten?

From the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune:  A judge sentenced a 26-year-old Nekoosa man to four months in Wood County Jail for mistreatment of an animal causing death as a repeat offender Tuesday morning.
Wood County Circuit Judge Todd Wolf sentenced Brian O. Sentkowski to three years probation after he killed his sister’s 2-month-old kitten while intoxicated in November. Conditions of his probation include a four-month term in Wood County Jail, absolute sobriety, a $100 fine plus costs and an alcohol assessment. If he violates his probation, he will serve 18 months in prison with two years of extended supervision.
Sentkowski is also not allowed to keep any pets as part of his probation.
“There is no reason why you should be able to have a pet when you’re denying other people the right to have one,” Wolf said.
According to the criminal complaint, on Nov. 27, a Wood County deputy responded to a report at a Saratoga home belonging to Sentkowski's sister. His sister said she came home to find her orange and white kitten missing and a large blood stain on the carpet in the living room. The woman told the deputy she thought her brother hurt the kitten....
At the sentencing, Wood County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Constable recommended 13 months in prison for Sentkowski with two years extended supervision. She chose this sentence because of the crime’s gravity, the impact it had on the victim and the need for public safety.
I know the animal rights people would like the death penalty for this guy.
But considering how much harm people have done against other human beings and have gotten lighter sentences, this jail sentence seems a bit harsh.
Many people have gotten less jail time for murder, assault, armed robbery, burglary, child abuse/neglect, rape etc..
Yes, the guy should be punished but 4 months in jail?
Of course, here is the quote from his defense attorney that will make the attorney look like a damn fool:
Sentkowski’s defense attorney, Gregory Jerabek, recommended probation with jail time for Sentkowski, emphasizing the defendant’s honesty, cooperation and remorse during the proceedings. Jerabek also noted that alcohol played a large role in Sentkowski’s previous actions and said the defendant “can still have a bright future if he gets rid of the alcohol problem.”
“When he is not drinking, he is a great person — the type of person you want in the community,” Jerabek said.
Umm, Attorney Jerabek, if he is such a great asset to the community, then you have him live with you or next door to your nice house.

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