Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Thing Doesn't Belong To The Other

Remember Sesame Street and the song/quiz about one thing that doesn't belong to the others in the group?
Well, Cuba Gooding and the NHL seems to be in that category.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was skating on thin ice after his bizarre onstage antics at Tuesday’s 2014 NHL Awards live telecast from Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas.
NHL writers and critics lambasted presenter Cuba overnight. One called him “out of control.” Another labeled him “a hot mess.” And Sean Gentile, who writes the official NHL report, went as far as to say, “He may have been banned from NHL events for the rest of his life.”
Another wrote: “Cuba is making everyone uncomfortable, and he might have been over served. Either that or he’s the weirdest dude on the planet.” Another sports writer said, “Cuba is probably drunk, but it was the best part of the awards,” adding kindly, “It’s an event that could use a bit of excitement, and this year that excitement came from Cuba Gooding Jr. being a tad strangely behaved.”
However, they all agreed that fans probably loved it and won’t be criticizing the actor who won an Oscar in 1997 for “Jerry Maguire.” In fact, there’s a movement already underway this morning to draft Cuba as next year’s show host.
Whoever thought Cuba Gooding would be a good fit with the NHL really has to have their head examined.

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