Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yeah, I'm Not Surprised

From the LVRJ: Fried chicken chain KFC said a franchised restaurant in Mississippi has hired an investigator to look into claims that an employee asked a 3-year-old girl and family members to leave because injuries she suffered in a pit bull mauling disturbed customers.
KFC spokesman Rick Maynard said the company is concerned that the Jackson restaurant’s internal investigation couldn’t verify the incident. An outside investigator has completed the investigation and the company is awaiting the report, Maynard said.
KFC’s commitment of $30,000 to help with the child’s medical bills will not be affected by the investigation’s outcome, Maynard said.
Attorney Bill Kellum, who represents the family of Victoria Wilcher, said a statement would be issued later Tuesday.
Allegations that the child was asked to leave the restaurant were made earlier this month on the Facebook site Victoria’s Victories, which has followed the child’s recovery from the attack. KFC posted an apology the next morning and asked for more details about what happened.
Apparently, in the U.S., it now has been acceptable to promote lies and hoaxes to help people out.
The last big one that I remember, a gay waitress completely lied about a lack of tip from a family who was Christian.  Not much happened to her, other she is no longer a waitress.
I suspected this was a hoax because I have taken kids with severe disabilities out to different restaurants in cities I have worked at and never had a problem and if fact, was highly supported by the different restaurants.
In the end, nothing will happen to the family, which is a shame because they libeled a business for their own greed.
Hopefully, the girl will get the treatment she needs and her grandmother, who started the hoax, is put in jail.


  1. I've heard a counter, "it was not a hoax" story too, so I'm not sure this is settled. But I'm with you that I'm tired of hoax stories. I think it's a fact of life in a 24/7, Kardashian, media universe.

  2. It's a challenge to you and me as bloggers, not to get all bent out of shape about an outrageous story, because it might not be true. Tough though, isn't it? :)